Protein-protein interaction data often contain biologically unlikely interactions, which could not occur in the living cell. The identification of the interactions with high-throughput technics, such as the yeast two-hybrid or the co-immunoprecipitation methods, do not take into consideration the subcellular localization of the proteins.

Here we present a compartmentalized protein-protein interaction database, ComPPI, to filter out the interactions where the interacting proteins have no common subcellular localization.

ComPPI offers the following novel options:

Because of the novel features of points from a.) to e.), ComPPI is useful for the analysis of experimental results in biochemistry, molecular biology and proteomics as well as for proteome- and interactome-wide studies in bioinformatics and network science helping cellular biology, medicine and drug design.

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ComPPI is published in Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue 2015