ComPPI is open sourced (see the terms of use), which allows further improvement and the construction of 'ComPPI-based databases'. ComPPI is a community-annotation resource, which will be continuously enriched by a user-community of experts helped by a public issue tracking system and by feedbacks from the core team, and will be yearly-updated and upgraded annually for minimum 5 years. We plan to resolve current ComPPI limitations, such as the relatively low amount (29% of total) of experimental subcellular localization entries with the incorporation of newly available experimental data. Future plans include the development of improved gold standard-based Localization and network neighbourhood-based Interaction Scores, as well as further advanced download and search options, such as advanced localization-based network visualization and extended number of output formats.

Please contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions or if you are looking for further help.

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ComPPI is published in Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue 2015