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How to use the Search page?

  1. I. How to start a Basic Search for a protein?
  2. II. How to start an Advanced Search for a protein?
  3. III. What if multiple proteins were found?
  4. IV. What if no interactions were found?
  5. V. What can I find on the results page?
  6. VI. How can I filter the interactions on the results page?
  7. VII. What is in the downloadable protein search result file?
  8. VIII. What can I find out about the interactions?

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protein search tutorial 1
protein search tutorial 2
protein search tutorial 3
protein search tutorial 4
protein search tutorial 5
protein search tutorial 6
protein search tutorial 7
protein search tutorial 8

How to use the Downloads page?

  1. I. How to download the compartmentalized interactome?
  2. II. How to download the integrated protein-protein interaction dataset?
  3. III. How to download the integrated subcellular localization dataset?
  4. IV. How to reach the full release of the ComPPI database?

Learn more about the Downloads page in details.

download tutorial 1
download tutorial 2
download tutorial 3
download tutorial 4

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ComPPI is published in Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue 2015